Environment-friendly coffee

We’re proud of being listed as one of companies promoting circular economy best practices on EcoCamere website (EcoCamere – Caffe Monforte).

Torrefazione Monforte works to increase its environment-friendly performances through energy saving practices, waste and polluting emissions reduction. In fact, starting from 2013, we’re using solar energy produced by our photovoltaic system to operate our machineries and roast coffee; we’re concentrating the coffee roasting in one or two most sunny days per week in order to use the self-produced solar energy only; we’re reducing our flying particles emissions thanks to the double filtering of roasting fumes. As per packaging, we’re preferring single-material, recyclable and re-usable packing solutions and give for free our empty jute bags to local farmers. As per our future plans, we’ve the aim to to increase our best practices by using our by-products and waste to heat our premises and to substitute our current packagings with greener alternatives than the current ones, able to guarantee food safety and the required product shelflife.

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