Torrefazione Monforte Srl was founded in 1999 with the aim of creating Espresso coffee blends with unmistakable taste and aroma.

In following this aim, our Master Roaster, Magda Katsoura, Botanist by education, personally visits coffee plantations in order to taste and select the best raw materials to use, thanks to her knowledge and experiences.

We create Caffè Monforte prestigious coffee blends in a certified roasting plant located in the heart of Italy, in Molise, a region with no air pollution and dry climate, highly significant factors in green coffee roasting process.

Our product offer includes a wide selection of coffee blends, available as coffee beans, ground coffee, pods and capsules, in different pack sizes, specific to the many international markets’ requirements we’re been operating in for more than twenty years.

Today, our company is one of the most innovative coffee roasting plants in Europe from a technological and environmental point of view, provided it complies to ethical codes to support plantation workers, world biodiversity and ecosystem.

Moreover, starting from the very beginning, Torrefazione Monforte is being collaborating to scientific and eco-sustainability research projects carried out by the Facutly of Agricolture at the University  of Molise.


Torrefazione Monforte’s raw materials warehouse is provided with more than 18 different Arabica and Robusta green coffee origins, conventional as well as Organic certified ones, sourced from strictly selected plantations of Central America, Africa and Asia.

Thanks to it we can satisfy the most refined palates of coffee lovers all over the world and create ad-hoc and unmistakable coffee blends, suitable for coffee brewing by moka pot,  Espresso, Ibrik and Filter coffee machine too.

Our roasting machines embody state-of-the-art technology able to guarantee a perfect electronically and digitally controlled roasting process; to reduce polluting gas and flying particle emissions into the air, thanks to the double filtering of fumes deriving from the roasting process; and to save energy, thanks to the re-use of filtered hot air to keep constant the temperature inside the roasting machine’s drum.

Our six packing lines allow us to meet the multiple demands arising from worldwide markets and offer different packaging solutions able to preserve the organoleptic characteristics of our coffee blends, whether beans, ground, pods or capsules, thanks to vacuum and modified atmosphere packaging.

To ensure high quality standards, our production process includes three different foreign body selection phases:

  • the first one is carried out at the beginning of the manufacturing process to remove foreign bodies from green coffees;

  • the second one is carried out by the roasting machine itself through magnets which retain metal foreign bodies while roasting coffee;

  • the third one occurs at the end of the roasting process and before the packing one, when roasted coffee is passed to the sieve of an optical sorter.