The rules for obtaining a good quality espresso coffee:
Coffee machine : Semi automatic to use during the infusion of the quantity of coffee for a cup, and avoid over dosage.
Grind with flat grinders that are always clean in order to avoid that the rancid ground coffee remains in the grinder and ends up in the coffee thus altering it’s taste.
Quality blend ( caffè MONFORTE “ESPRESSO 5 STAR 100 % ARABICA)

USER : in order to obtain good quality coffee the bartender must follow these instructions:
I. The grind must be adapted in such a way that when the coffee comes out of the machine it flows in a single continuous flow ( like a mouse’s tail ); the amount of time for the flow should be 20 – 25 seconds. The cream must be homogenous, dense and the colour of hazelnuts in order to sustain the sugar. If these requisites are not obtained you must increase or decrease the grind, pack more or less the coffee in the filter, control the machine’s pump pressure and it’s temperature, control that the holes in the filter are all open.

II. If the weather is humid you must increase the grind just a bit ( grinds slightly coarser)

III. Check the dosage ( about 7 grams ). ( Always fill to the inside line in the filter)

IV. Keep filters and faucets clean. Clean coffee residue from the filters and faucets with a hard brush.

V. Use a blind filter to clean the inside faucet group, use special agents two or three times a week to clean these. However it is necessary to wash the inside groups even twice a day if the machine works a lot, otherwise do a routine cleaning with a blind filter at the end of every working cycle.

VI. Purify the water: every 15 kilos of coffee used you must regenerate the resins from the purifier with the adding of coarse salt (1 Kg) taking care in not letting the salty water go through the machine. Observe the purifier’s instructions carefully.

VII. The wear of filters, seals, grinders and faucets substitute as soon as you notice any kind of deterioration. 

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