Torrefazione Monforte prefers donating coffee to community rather than undersellig it to big chains

«I prefer supporting our local community rather than undersell to national and multinational chains»

Declared Magda Katsoura, Sole Administrator and Roast Master of Torrefazione Monforte Srl.

Born in Greece but living in Campobasso since 1980s, experienced Greek Red Cross graduated nurse and member of Campobasso Lions Club for more than thirty years, decided to donate to Molise the coffee products she refused to undersell to national and multinational supermarket chains, in the name of the dedication to the others which has been guiding her personal and professional choices ever since.

On behalf of Torrefazione Monforte she donated 3000 coffees and a capsule machine to the Intensive Care Unit of Cardarelli Hospital in Campobasso «to help doctors and nurses recharging and continue fighting against COVIS-19 virus».

However, that isn’t the sole donation made in the current emergency situation by the company. Torrefazione Monforte also bought Personal Protective Equipment kits for the volunteers of the Campobasso Section of the Italian Relief Corps of the Order of Malta CISOM, essential to allow them to safely operate in the protection of all people living the current tough emergency situation.

Finally, Magda Katsoura confirmed her willingness to continue supporting the community she’s been living and working in for almost 40 years, as personally as well as in the name of Torrefazione Monforte.


Link to the original article in Italian, published on Comunicaffè.it on 09/04/2020:

Torrefazione Monforte dona il caffè alla comunità piuttosto che svenderlo alle grandi catene

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