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Torrefazione Monforte Srl is one of Europe’s most technologically innovative and environment-friendly coffee roasting plant, dedicated to work with internationally recognized codes of conduct, supporting farmers, protecting ecosystems and wildlife all over the world. Its coffee roasting machines embody the best Italian state-of-the-art roasting technology, able to guarantee a perfectly controlled roasting process and to reduce polluting gas emissions thanks to a double filtering of the gases created by the very roasting process.

The company’s management system is certified according to the International Standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 guaranteeing that any production and administrative process carried out in the company, from working area cleaning procedures to raw materials supply and storage, from manufacturing to order fulfillment, is managed in compliance with the ISO 9001:2008 regulations.

Caffè Monforte coffee products are certified according to the BRC Standard for Food Safety Standard by SGS, assuring that anything in the production plant, from plumbing system water to machineries, from working areas to manufacturing processes, complies with the standards’ quality regulations.

Regarding the company’s Caffè Monforte Organic Line quality, it is also certified according to the ICEA Organic International Standards. It guarantees that the green coffees used don’t contain any additive, are no GMO and are organically grown in certified coffee plantations.

Moreover, two Caffè Monforte coffee blends, Espresso Gran Aroma and Espresso 5 Stelle, obtained on 2000 and continue to maintain the certificate “Quality Italian Espresso”, issued by the prestigious Italian Roasters association Gruppo Italiano Torrefattori di Caffè on the basis of the results of chemical analysis conducted on both green coffees and manufactured products. The quality label proves that the two coffee blends meet the established guidelines and are suitable for brewing the real Quality Italian Espresso coffee, as certified by SGS Audit, conducted step by step, starting from the plantation and finishing to the brewed espresso coffee cup.

Finally, Torrefazione Monforte Srl is member of SCAE, Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, gathering coffee professionals and enthusiasts. The Kosher certificate is also available.

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